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WAS a Pretty good font installer

UPDATE 3/26/18 Doesnt seem to want to install fans on my iPad Pro so Im kind of upset and disappointed now. Feel like I wasted money and now I have to find something else ? I love using custom fonts that resemble handwriting when using journal programs or word processing. Apple gadgets didnt allow this at first but now, in the newer tablets and such, it can be done easily with apps like this. I tried a few different font apps but they always had a problem. The last one I used would not let me delete any fonts and it would shut down each time I tried. VERY ANNOYING. Plus it was meant for iPhones and looked awful on tablets. This app, while not perfect, is the best that I have found & does the job. Installed every font I tried. It even opened the zipped files which is pretty awesome. Safari does get stuck a bit in the font installing loop, but its not a big deal at all. I bought this when I got the iPad Pro when my other app would not work at all on the new system and it worked immediately after installing. Its definitely worth the money I paid. ??

Works awesome Must Have App

I really Love how this app works... I can find my fonts that I truly want whether through the app or on sites from a browser and have no problem getting them installed to work on my IPad Pro this is an excellent app. Thank you for keeping it up well as well as how well it works with other app programs needed for the Fonts

waste of time and money

Not use or devise friendly. Doesnt do anything other than waste time, money and device memory. Please fix your stuff or stop taking advantage of others

Horrible app

Must be mostly fake reviews saying it’s good. Doesn’t work on my iPad Pro.


Simple, to the point, and does exactly what I needed it to do. I’m elated.


I love this app so much! I use it for my business, to make stickers, to add missing fonts to Word, Pages, Presentations, etc., I use it in almost every app. I really love how easy it is to use and best of all, all the fonts work great. I’ve had this app for a year now and I’ve never had any problems with it. Thanks again!

Love ❤️

Great App!

Worse app ever

Do not purchase this, this app is so hard to use, and literally does nothing. Just another way to get your money.

Needs zip file app to download fonts

I was having trouble downloading the zip file to my iPad. I had to download a zip file opener/downloader that I can go to the website in for the download. Other than that no issues and it does as it says.

Great Fonts

This is a fantastic app, once you figure out how to use it! I messed with it for about 1 1/2 hours and got a bundle installed on my iPad.

Waste of money.

It doesn’t even allow me to use the font. I went through all of the instructions and even went through multiple videos. I want a refund!

If your looking for actual fonts that can be gotten on a computer PowerPoint DONT GET

I am looking for a app that can give me a certain font that can only be used on pc Mac PowerPoint, such as Wingdings. This tells me it has those kinds of fonts that can be used on pc Mac so I buy it and I look and look and keep looking everywhere and it doesn’t have it. I basically spent money on fancy ways to type letters which isn’t what I wanted DO NOT GET AT ALL

Does it work on Insta?

Can the fonts be use in certain apps like Insta and Fb .

Waste of money

I should have read more in depth about this app. This is not what I need.

The best!!

I love this app so much!!! I use it for fonts for my cricut!!!

Zero Stars

This doesn’t even allow you to have any fonts after you pay the $2. Ripoff don’t buy.


I am still trying to my round the jargon


I installed everything and used the tutorial but I can’t use the font in anything like photoshop word or google docs

Great fonts

I love the ease and choices available


This app makes adding fonts to design with Cricut much easier! I can add fonts on my phone and design on the go!

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