AnyFont 앱 리뷰


This app did not help me at all!

Total Ripoff

You pay $1.99 and get NO access to any new fonts. You have to buy the fonts on the open market. Total ripoff!! Let’s go Apple why are you allowing this crap in the store.

No fonts in app.

This purchase is useless to me. I need the fonts it contains but there is no access to them, just a display of font names.. love wasting my money.

Needs iCloud Support

Like the app. Does great for installing new fonts. My only complaint is that I need it to work across all of my iOS devices. I have used other FREE apps that do this and this paid app I have to upload the fonts individually on each device. Kind of frustrating :/

Not worth purchasing

You have to install your own fonts and pay for the installation separately and for each form that isn’t preset on this app


So thankful I have this app!

Not worth it

I tried to change the font and it does not allow me to change it. Not with the purchase.

Helpful app

Appreciate relatively easy way to add fonts to my iPad. My only challenge is finding the new fonts after opening in app.

doesn’t work

Does not allow me to download anything, this also makes fonts a lot harder than they need to be.


Spent money on an app that does not work. Highly upset.

Makes no sense

Makes no sense No email to contact


Works great

Keeps crashing

I really liked this app, but it has stopped working. When I open it, it acts like it will open then shuts down. I have deleted it and reinstalled it, but it only works once then crashes again.

Waste of money

Does not give you any new app for your phones keyboard to use. Unless you want to spend more money


I like the app but I don’t know how to actually type with the font I want

Excellent program

Anyfont worked perfectly with my custom font which has many ligatures and contextual alternatives. I highly recommend this program.


I paid 1.99 just to get access to another site? Not cool. I have watched tutorials and I STILL CANNOT use on my iPhone.


Wouldn’t it be great to flip a switch and have the Fonts on your Mac sync’d with your iPhone and/or iPad? Continuously? I can see this as the logical state of things ten years from now. The developer who figures out how to accomplish this first will probably be bought by Apple. And frankly, Apple should have offered this solution long ago! Until then, AnyFont is the best solution available. It’s a huge and complex workaround, and it doesn’t live up to its name (because you can’t install any font), but it does work within limits. It needs a new name and an much easier way to install and maintain MacOS fonts in iOS.

The app is great but one thing missing.

Dear developers. You have made a great app. But I must ask, can you please add a Old English font to this app. Old English is my favorite font out of many fonts. Please do it for me and many others. Dearest wishes Jonathan A. Miller Please respond.


Awful!!! Unable to download any font! The most difficult App I have ever paid for! Big waste of money!


Maybe I just don’t know how to use this but bad experience for me


I downloaded because supposedly had the Disney font? And I just waste 3 dollars !!

I hate it

I want my money back... this app doesn’t work


No gasten su dinero en esta porqueria

I think it’s useless

There are no instructions about how to use the 1000 + fonts! It tells you of different formats but....nah! Useless. Don’t bother wasting your money!


The fonts aren’t working...

Does not work

There is no clear instructions on how to use the fonts. They just get installed and then what? I want to see the fonts on my phone so I can change the default font from Apple. Simple as that and you guys know very well that that’s what people are looking for. Instead to prefer to just take out money with not clear instructions. Even worse still, Apple allows you to put the app on AppStore.

Aa Font any fonts

This app is very confusing I bought supposedly 1000 fonts only to pay for more fonts I only see 1 font in my list and it is not clear at all how to use them. I am completely frustrated with the app because the instructions are not clear at all how to use them meanwhile I am out of $6 and still can’t use 1 of the fonts!!! HELP

Only for really techy people

Way too confusing to install for a non tech savvy person. Disappointed.


Waste of money. Do not fall for it

I want my money back

Too confusing and difficult to use.

Love it

Made my life so much simpler. Super Easy to use!!

Doesn’t work

Not user friendly. I waisted $1.99


🅲🅰🅽🆃 use it On Ig


This app is the best for installing fonts. I use it all the time when working on Cricut design space. So easy and worth it.


Most complicate and confusing application I have ever used on an iPhone. This phone technology is easy to use but this app is another story. I don’t mind purchasing fonts and such, but make it manageable!!

Don't buy this

One of the worst apps I've purchased. Not intuitive or easy to use. Confusing. I ended up abandoning it


It looks like I’ve wasted my money. I’ve resorted to looking up tutorials on YouTube just to understand how it works with no success. Their tutorial was made years ago and with there being so many Apple updates since then, there is no way to convert what he’s saying to now. The tutorial even on the app is with dated pictures that have no connection with what things look like now. Can’t believe I spent three to four dollars on something I’ll never be able to properly use. I’ve downloaded the fonts yet am not able to use them. Shame.

No me funciona 😡

no me funciona.😡

Don’t waste your time

Not worth it. Waste a good hour trying to install it. Doesn’t work. Frustrated..


I want my refund please.

How the hell do you use

How the hell do you use

Worked great at first, now won’t open

I can’t get it to open - it crashes every time it tries. I can’t get to the contact designer button in the app because it won’t open.

Why the crazy instructions?

Why upgrade?? Is this even usable? I expect addl charges. Ok. But, will it work then? Disappointed. Feedback welcome. Or, I will assume they stole $2 and zap the app.

No fonts will download

My company owns my iPad and may have blocked, because there is no install icon on the right-hand side.


I thought this app cane with new fonts. The description of the app should be clearer. This was a waste of money for me.


Still can’t believe that I can have my fonts installed within iOS

App Fail over it

I paid for this app and can’t even use it, it goes to a different app u have to purchase again


This app literally does nothing I paid for it thinking I was getting useable font..... But NO it literally does NOTHING. I could already add fonts from my computer to my phone.... DO NOT BUY THIS. I am trying to get a refund... 🤬

  • send link to app