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Aa Font any fonts

This app is very confusing I bought supposedly 1000 fonts only to pay for more fonts I only see 1 font in my list and it is not clear at all how to use them. I am completely frustrated with the app because the instructions are not clear at all how to use them meanwhile I am out of $6 and still can’t use 1 of the fonts!!! HELP

Only for really techy people

Way too confusing to install for a non tech savvy person. Disappointed.


Waste of money. Do not fall for it

I want my money back

Too confusing and difficult to use.

Love it

Made my life so much simpler. Super Easy to use!!

Doesn’t work

Not user friendly. I waisted $1.99


🅲🅰🅽🆃 use it On Ig


This app is the best for installing fonts. I use it all the time when working on Cricut design space. So easy and worth it.


Most complicate and confusing application I have ever used on an iPhone. This phone technology is easy to use but this app is another story. I don’t mind purchasing fonts and such, but make it manageable!!

Don't buy this

One of the worst apps I've purchased. Not intuitive or easy to use. Confusing. I ended up abandoning it


It looks like I’ve wasted my money. I’ve resorted to looking up tutorials on YouTube just to understand how it works with no success. Their tutorial was made years ago and with there being so many Apple updates since then, there is no way to convert what he’s saying to now. The tutorial even on the app is with dated pictures that have no connection with what things look like now. Can’t believe I spent three to four dollars on something I’ll never be able to properly use. I’ve downloaded the fonts yet am not able to use them. Shame.

No me funciona 😡

no me funciona.😡

Don’t waste your time

Not worth it. Waste a good hour trying to install it. Doesn’t work. Frustrated..


I want my refund please.

How the hell do you use

How the hell do you use

Worked great at first, now won’t open

I can’t get it to open - it crashes every time it tries. I can’t get to the contact designer button in the app because it won’t open.

Why the crazy instructions?

Why upgrade?? Is this even usable? I expect addl charges. Ok. But, will it work then? Disappointed. Feedback welcome. Or, I will assume they stole $2 and zap the app.

No fonts will download

My company owns my iPad and may have blocked, because there is no install icon on the right-hand side.


I thought this app cane with new fonts. The description of the app should be clearer. This was a waste of money for me.


Still can’t believe that I can have my fonts installed within iOS

App Fail over it

I paid for this app and can’t even use it, it goes to a different app u have to purchase again


This app literally does nothing I paid for it thinking I was getting useable font..... But NO it literally does NOTHING. I could already add fonts from my computer to my phone.... DO NOT BUY THIS. I am trying to get a refund... 🤬

Font ??

It said that it comes with several fonts but basically it’s all the same.... expected more


It’s one of the best apps I’ve ever used so far and will probably say up there in my list for a while.😁

Click bait

Don’t waste your time or money with this crap, nearly impossible to use. I want a refund


This doesn’t offer iOS so you buy it and it’s useless!!

Not good


Doesn’t work

It didn’t work for me, this app just stole my money 😠

App gone wrong

Nothing is working.

I don’t know why

I used this app a long time but now i don’t know why i can’t use. i can’t install profile on my ipad. p.s. my ipad is ios 11.4


What took me so long to find this app?! So easy to use !

Didn’t work

I tried everything and followed what it said. I have no fonts coming up. Total paid 3.00 :/

Not what I expected

I hate it

환불 부탁드립니다.

한글 폰트 사용이 가능할 줄 알고 구입했습니다. 어플이 전부 일본어로 나오네요. 가능하면 환불 부탁드려요.

Finally an app that WORKS!!!

I’ve been searching the internet for a long time now to find out how to install my favorite font into my ipad pro for school. The font I like on my Mac isn’t compatible with my ipad but this app made it work! omg I’m so happy! now I can use it with one note and I love how my notes look on my ipad now!! ahhh thank you anyfont :)!!

My Favorite App

If you are a graphic designer or just love fonts, this app is for you. Simple and effective interface. I had a question and the app designer reached out quickly with step by step instructions.

Worst ever!

I just payed for it to not even let me use the fonts! When I go to download them I click download go through the process and then nothing happens! Not only that it it’s confusing... not worth the money!! Any way I can get a refund because I just spent money on this hoping it would work??

Seems like it should work

I downloaded this app.then I purchased the bundled fonts, but nothing downloaded to my iPad. What’s the issue?

Great fonts

It does what it says it does... there are great fonts and it’s easy to use them on my iPad. Worth the few dollars.

It could be easier

I feel as if it shouldn’t cost , if you have to but more fonts in the app . Secondly , it’s incredibly difficult to figure out how to apply the font for someone who isn’t use to changing it on the iPhone . So yeah . But I gave it three stars because you have a million of different fonts to choose from .

Easy to download fonts to my iPad using any font

I have been trying to find a way to download fonts to use on my iPad, and any font has been so easy to use.

Doesn’t work

Aweful. Can’t do anything with this app unless you link out to a different website which requires you to pay more money. I want a refund!


WORST APP EVER! Extremely confusing. Horrible!


There is no instructions on how to install. They give you some poorly worded details that don’t tell you how to install and use the fonts. This app and two others like it are TRASH!! Don’t waste your time to download!!

No good

Sucked honestly wish I could get my money back but oh well


Seems to work very well!

I want a full refund

This is not what I was expecting I needed a specific font and it shows it in the add but when I bought the app I have to pay another 1$ for all the fonts no thank you I want my money back


Since my computer demised 6 years ago, all the fonts I bought were gathering dust. Thanks to my new iPad Pro and AnyFont I can use them again! Can’t tell you how happy this makes me.


What a ripoff. Yeah, you THINK. You are getting “4 apps in one.” WRONG. What you actually purchase are 4 shells that are not truly functional unless you pour in gobs of more money — particularly AnyFont. STAY AWAY!

Couldn’t find what I needed.

Needed few simple fonts but got runaround and nickel and dimed.

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